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Episode 8- Comic creators, Ennis, Ellis and Bendis (re-upped)




This month, Shooting the Poo is honoured to welcome legendary comics creator Stan Lee onto the podcast. Stan turns Mitch and Mondy into superheroes and sets the usual high-toned conversational standard that our audience have come to expect.

He also says the word "cock".

This episode is the spiritual sequel to our earlier examination of the works of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore and features three authors whose names happen to end in "is": Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis and Brian Michael Bendis. Aside from their names ending in "is", they're also quite talented, although that doesn't stop Dave giving Transmetropolitan the kicking it so thoroughly deserves. Mondy also flashes his man-boobs at his fellow 'casters at one point. This has nothing to do with comics, but nevertheless remains a highlight.


Lastly, a quick explanation: on our previous podcast Mondy alluded to his preferred topic being vetoed this month. It was. That preferred topic was crapping on about DC Comics' New 52 relaunch. Dave objected to this on the extremely reasonable grounds that those comics were largely written by bargain-basement hacks and he certainly wasn't going to read 52 comics that he knew were going to be arse-gravy. When Mitch struck upon the genius "is" replacement theme (ie: reading comics by writers that were actually good), Mondy was overruled and the topic of the New 52 was consigned to the dustbin, never to be spoken of again.

Or so we thought. Listeners at home can play a game we like to call New 52 Bingo. The rules are that you count how many times the New 52 is mentioned in this podcast even though none of the writers we're ostensibly discussing have any involvement in it whatsoever. Then send us some feedback with a suggested punishment for Mondy for ignoring the veto.The winner will get a night on the town with Stan Lee.

That wasn't a quick explanation at all, was it?

Oh, and Kirstyn pops up again. Ardent feminist that she is, she gives a superlative review of a comic about a superpowered prostitute, and she and Dave have a fight about Transmetropolitan. There's hair-pulling and everything.


WARNING! This episode of Shooting the Poo features extremely coarse language and spoilers for the following comics. If you've not read them - and we recommend you do - you may want to check them out before we give plot points away:

Preacher (in particular stuff that happens in the first three trade paperbacks)

The Authority (stuff that happens in Warren Ellis' last issue)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (you've probably heard about it on the news, but the new relaunch by Bendis has a particularly big development that would be nifty not to know about if you're going in cold)

There's also a spoiler for a major character death in Ultimate Spider-Man

Stormwatch (stuff that happens towards the end of Ellis' run)

and Miracleman (Alan Moore's last three issues).


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