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Episode 36 - Superman

June 24th, 2017

Episode 36 - Superman



Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a podcast about Superman!




Yes, after an extremely long break, the boys are back and recording again inside Mitch's Fortress of Solitude. Surrounded by all manner of Superman ephemera, it's almost like being inside a Kryptonian uterus. Mondy eventually stumbles onto the topic completely by accident: a lot of people argue about who Superman really is, so we set out to explore the character's history and what really constitutes his secret identity. 

The set texts we've chosen for this exploration - mostly mentioned here in case you want to avoid any SPOILERS - are...

Superman II

Man of Steel  

Batman Vs Superman

Plus the comics Birthright...

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Peace on Earth

American Alien.

Dave also spoils the hell out of the ending to Alan Moore's Miracleman, although he does give fair warning there. 




The presence of special nerd-guest Nick Caddaye ensures that the conversation mostly remains of an unusually hight standard. He points out how people hate it when changes are made to Superman, partly because of the character's links to America itself. Thus alterations to Superman can almost feel like a patriotic attack. Mitch reveals how he had to literally brainwash himself into enjoying Man of Steel, with the MOSAIC podcast - a project so detailed it devotes two entire episodes to just the tornado scene in Man of Steel - ultimately convincing him it contains multitudes. Mondy listens to all these clever remarks and then immediately derails the conversation with a non sequitur whinge about "crap CGI" at the end of Batman Vs Superman.

He is nothing if not single-minded about having his say. 




Dave continues to deliver his usual pretentious arse-cake and ensures that this episode will have a VERY COARSE LANGUAGE warning just like all the others. Partly because he describes Barbra Streisand as "fucking scary", but... well, he does say worse things than that. He's a terrible man, he really is. 

Anyway, Nick certainly makes the episode well worth listening to, even if Superman's not your favourite man in tights. He classes the place up yet again, like all our guests. 

Maybe we should have guests more often?




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Episode 9 - Errol Morris (re-upped)

February 8th, 2017



This month the Poo-nauts return to reality. As Mondy put it before we began recording, "We're doing Errol Morris docos this month and Flannery O'Connor short stories next month--we're classing the place up a bit."

He then opens the podcast with a description of his snot.

Once that's dealt with, this month sees an enthusiastic discussion of the career of Errol Morris. Known for documentaries such as The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War and Standard Operating Procedure, Morris has carved out a unique style of interviewing his subjects and presentation of factual material. Using the films as a jumping off point, the boys discuss the way audiences perceive reality, intellectual vanity and the importance of freedom of speech. 

Mondy also hints that he may be David Irving's son and Dave finally reveals that he's black.



For those of you that are following the podcast month by month, Mitch and Dave couldn't resist going to see Anonymous (the film that alleges Shakespeare was a fraud) after Mondy's incandescent reaction to it's very existence on the previous 'cast. They thought it was quite good, albeit cobblers. What's interesting is they do not bring it up in conversation as they know that would upset Mondy. But somebody else does. Can you guess who that might be?

This episode of Shooting the Poo is not for the kids. There are C-bombs, F-canisters and S-bullets galore. There is a discussion of adult themes, not least people being eaten by bears. We also talk about stuff that happens in Thin Blue Line, Mr Death, Standard Operating Procedure and First Person that you would probably be better off experiencing as orchestrated by Errol Morris. Spoilers, in other words.

There is a bit of a discussion about a certain plane crash at one point, here is a link to that very incident.

Oh, and Werner Herzog joins us for a bit. For some reason we felt we should warn you about that too. Note the way Mondy cannot even say "hello" after listening to him--something about his voice seems... dangerous.



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Episode 8- Comic creators, Ennis, Ellis and Bendis (re-upped)

January 5th, 2017



This month, Shooting the Poo is honoured to welcome legendary comics creator Stan Lee onto the podcast. Stan turns Mitch and Mondy into superheroes and sets the usual high-toned conversational standard that our audience have come to expect.

He also says the word "cock".

This episode is the spiritual sequel to our earlier examination of the works of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore and features three authors whose names happen to end in "is": Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis and Brian Michael Bendis. Aside from their names ending in "is", they're also quite talented, although that doesn't stop Dave giving Transmetropolitan the kicking it so thoroughly deserves. Mondy also flashes his man-boobs at his fellow 'casters at one point. This has nothing to do with comics, but nevertheless remains a highlight.


Lastly, a quick explanation: on our previous podcast Mondy alluded to his preferred topic being vetoed this month. It was. That preferred topic was crapping on about DC Comics' New 52 relaunch. Dave objected to this on the extremely reasonable grounds that those comics were largely written by bargain-basement hacks and he certainly wasn't going to read 52 comics that he knew were going to be arse-gravy. When Mitch struck upon the genius "is" replacement theme (ie: reading comics by writers that were actually good), Mondy was overruled and the topic of the New 52 was consigned to the dustbin, never to be spoken of again.

Or so we thought. Listeners at home can play a game we like to call New 52 Bingo. The rules are that you count how many times the New 52 is mentioned in this podcast even though none of the writers we're ostensibly discussing have any involvement in it whatsoever. Then send us some feedback with a suggested punishment for Mondy for ignoring the veto.The winner will get a night on the town with Stan Lee.

That wasn't a quick explanation at all, was it?

Oh, and Kirstyn pops up again. Ardent feminist that she is, she gives a superlative review of a comic about a superpowered prostitute, and she and Dave have a fight about Transmetropolitan. There's hair-pulling and everything.


WARNING! This episode of Shooting the Poo features extremely coarse language and spoilers for the following comics. If you've not read them - and we recommend you do - you may want to check them out before we give plot points away:

Preacher (in particular stuff that happens in the first three trade paperbacks)

The Authority (stuff that happens in Warren Ellis' last issue)

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (you've probably heard about it on the news, but the new relaunch by Bendis has a particularly big development that would be nifty not to know about if you're going in cold)

There's also a spoiler for a major character death in Ultimate Spider-Man

Stormwatch (stuff that happens towards the end of Ellis' run)

and Miracleman (Alan Moore's last three issues).


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Episode 35 - Kathrine Bigelow

October 5th, 2016

Episode 35 - Kathrine Bigelow


This episode features the perkiest introduction ever. Possibly because it's Mitch rockin' the mike, but things snap back to reality very quickly as Mondy compares himself to Jesus. Just another day at a recording of Shooting the Poo...


This episode sees the boys discussing the career of Kathryn Bigelow, along with frequent tangents onto whatever subjects take their fancy. The films that are MASSIVELY SPOILED (seriously, watch them if you're remotely interested in any of their plot twists) are The Loveless, Blue Steel, Strange Days and The Hurt Locker. Dave cruelly denied Mitch the chance to rewatch Near Dark and Point Break, although inevitably these get a mention as well. You just can't keep Keanu Reeves' finest performance down. 

The conversation quickly devolves into Mondy's most racist and sexist ever, which is quite some achievement. He also describes a bar shooting as "*very* moderate" and contends that Citizen Kane's major cinematic innovation was "lowering the ground". Dave has a theory - have you noticed he always has one of those? - about how to make Hollywood pay attention to angry audience members, and seems oddly preoccupied with Mimi Leder for some reason. Meanwhile Mitch reaches peak happiness when Mondy uses the words "police academy" in passing and then begins humming the theme tune to the eponymous movie. Mondy immediately joins in. For a moment there it was like being in a recording studio with Pavlov's dogs. 

As usual, there is a lot of swearing, puerile themes and did I mention the MASSIVE SPOILERS? You have been warned. 

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Episode 7 - Hollywood Blockbusters (re-upped)

September 22nd, 2016


THRILL!!! to the Biggest Episode of Shooting the Poo Yet Recorded!!!

ROAR!!! as they Discuss Blockbuster Films!!! Of This Year And... OTHER YEARS!!!

MARVEL!!! at the Big Name Celebrity Guests That Have Supplanted Our Regular Hosts!!! Could One Of Them Really Be... MICHAEL BAY!!!???!!!

COWER!!! as Mitch Spoils The Fast and the Furious!!! HE CLAIMS IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!

AND CHEER!!! as A Mysterious Voice That Has Guided Our Poo-Casters Since Time Immemorial SPEAKS ALOUD FOR THE VERY!!! FIRST!!! TIME!!!1111!!!








This episode of Shooting the Poo has been rated MA for strong language and some frankly daft opinions. There was also a lot of nudity, but you'll have to imagine most of that.

Below is a visual aid for one particular part of the podcast. Mitch refers to a "no-word" review for a film that we won't reveal just now. This is that review.


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Epsidode 6 - Dr Who and Game of Thrones (re-upped)

September 22nd, 2016


This month the den of iniquity and vice that is Shooting the Poo is given a smidgen of respectability with the guest starring of Ben McKenzie, he of the long side burns and the comedy antics.  Of course, before Ben has a chance to raise the conversational bar beyond the gutter, Mondy starts on about vibrators (again) and the fact - as Dave reports - that they're actually making a movie about the invention for the cure of hsyteria.

Ben, though, comes into his own when the dude-casters start talking about Game of Thrones.  He provides much insight on the TV show and the books that the average Games of Thrones fan would probably already know but which his fellow podcasters have no clue about.  Unfortunately, during the cut and thrust and parry of the conversation, everyone forgets to mention how friggin' awesome Peter Dinklage is in his role as Tyrion Lannister.  We apologise Mr Dinklage.

The discussion about Doctor Who takes on a subversive tone in its exploration of diahorrea as a means to rate Doctor Who episodes.  It's not that we dislike Doctor Who (though Season 6(a) didn't really tickle our canker sores), it's more that diahorrea and poo provides critics like ourselves a means of really encapsulating how we feel about an episode.  We expect that it will catch on.  And that Peter Dinklage, who is awesome as Tyrion Lannister, would approve.  (Not that he's into diahorrea or anything... I mean... we don't think so, just that he'd approve of how we carefuly apply our new critical measure).

After this we end up with an impersonation from Ben. Some people may not guess exactly who he's impersonating, but then it's that kind of episode (Dave's effort at doing Stan Lee is worse, and Mondy's new effort at a spoiler noise has to be heard to be believed).

Other than that, Ben is seriously magnificent as a guest - possibly better than having on the show Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, who is also awesome and who would approve of diahorrea.  As a critical measure.

What I'm trying to say is thank fuck Ben was there because he's the quality that STP lacks and he will be back.  If we pay him enough.  And if his name isn't tarnished for appearing on the show.

Oh, and you should probably BEWARE! there definitely be spoilers ahead.


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Episode 5 (Re-upped)

July 19th, 2016


In their continuing quest to cover all possible forms of media, this month sees the Poo-casters stride confidently into the world of classic literature. Well, two of them stride confidently. One of them--we won't say who--cheats a little bit. Oh alright, it's Mitch. First up is Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Mondy is almost certain that discussing a book such as this is a first for a dudecast (Mitch and Dave don't know what a dudecast is--if you have any idea, please let us know via the usual address), so we're all, um, very proud of that. There's also an extremely informative tangent on ye olde medickal treatment for hysteria, and honestly, where else are you going to hear that? The second half features a discussion on Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Dave gets slightly unhinged when talking about the iPad, Mitch is hugely impressed that the book features a man who can kill and eat a dolphin with one hand, and this gives Mondy terrible flashbacks to the previous podcast's discussion of The Cove.


WARNING: For some reason, possibly because of the raunchy influence of that well-known minx Jane Austen, this episode features slightly more coarse language than usual. See if you can tell where Kirstyn finally loses it and squirts Mondy with the Punishment Water. WARNING THE SECOND: This is a pretty wide-ranging discussion, and in the process we talk about a lot of the plot twists in both books, including their endings. Consider this is your friendly neighborhood spoiler alert. Please go and tell Apple via iTunes that you love the show or provide usfeedback here at We would love to hear what youhave to say.

Episode Four (re-upped)

July 19th, 2016

What does an unconventional American family, dolphin slaughter and an unemployed Milwaukee based amateur film-maker have in common?

They are all feature subjects in this edition of Shooting the Poo, as Mondy, Dave and Mitch take aim and shoot at documentaries.

The films discussed are Capturing the Friedmans (2003), The Cove (2009) and American Movie (1999).


For those of a delicate persuasion, as usual there's a bit of swearing going on. We're also discussing films with adult themes such as paedophilia and child molestation, so we thought we should flag that up too. The good news, however, is that Mondy debuts a brand new spoiler noise. You can hear it during the discussion on The Cove.

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Episode 34: 10 years of NuWho (Part 2)

January 22nd, 2016


And quicker than even we anticipated, here we are with part 2 of our NuWho tenth anniversary celebration!


After last episode's orgy of man-tears and Mitch-grump, this one rings the changes slightly in that there's still a fair bit of weeping (the pictures on the website may give away the reason why), but this time Dave's the one wearing the snarky-pants. For his first trick he takes issue with Steven Moffat's definition of sluts and tarts. Much discussion of invisible chickens ensues.  


For his second trick he mounts the longest demolition of a story featuring a robot with tiny people in its head that you've ever heard. What's more he has the temerity to object to its lack of realism. Mitch, on the other hand, merely confines himself to doing an uncanny impression of River Song. He claims to hate River, but would quite like to do unspeakable things to Clara. In public and surrounded by onlookers. 

Yes, we really got that specific when we asked him. That's the kind of podcast you're dealing with here.  


Mondy, for his part, just about outdoes himself in some of the sentences that fall out of his mouth. Examples include "I thought the bit where Amy was inspiring that famous Van Gogh painting Daffodils... Daisies... Eh? Sunflowers? Whatever..." and "I like all the Nazi bits."  


Oh, and one of us also confesses to being scared by Doctor Who as a child. While watching a story called The Green Death he found himself crippled by a morbid fear of the Welsh. The giant fluorescent green maggots were also a concern, but when they turned into giant flies he found them considerably less frightening. 

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Episode 33: 10 years of NuWho (Part 1)

January 18th, 2016

It's been ten years, listeners. 


Sorry, we should clarify that. Not ten years since we started this podcasting lark, but a full decade since Doctor Who returned to TV. And because all three of our podcasters have actually *watched* NuWho (as opposed to classic Who), we thought this an anniversary worth celebrating. 


Fair warning: Mondy and Dave are dyed in the wool Doctor Who fans, whereas Mitch is what anthropologists refer to as "a normal person". Therefore significant portions of the podcast are spent with Dave and Mondy treating Mitch like a primitive South Pacific Islander and asking him what he thinks of "fire". This means that - for some reason - we talk a lot about The Ark in Space. Which doesn't have a lot to do with NuWho or fire, but Margaret Mead would have understood perfectly. 


When we finally *do* get around to talking about episodes of the modern series, Mondy attempts to justify working actors to death in the name of art. He also confesses that his favourite line of NuWho-related dialogue is "Have you ever come so hard you don't know where you are?" (If you listen carefully, Mitch actually pauses for a moment to think about whether he has or not.)



Dave is even more pompous and insulting than usual. Luckily he doesn't realise how silly he sounds in the first five minutes of the show when he attempts to demonstrate the sound Moaning Minnies make. The result ultimately emerges as something like a mouse being fed through a laser printer. His impressions of the Welsh are also likely to start a war. 

Mitch, as usual, is subject to egregious levels of sexual harassment. However this time it's Mondy doing the harassing so the novelty appears to charm him. He also provides a bracing counterpoint to Dave and Mondy's blather about NuWho and demands to know the "rules" of the program, none of which they can answer properly. The results are some of the best critiques of the program you will ever hear. Dave can clearly be heard dying in the background during one of Mitch's more scathing takedowns, especially when Mondy lamely attempts to mount a defence.


Usual warnings apply. Very coarse language. Attempts at intellectualism that fall ridiculously short. Jokes that misfire. Statements that haven't been fully thought through. That sort of thing. On the other hand, it's nice to be back after a fairly significant break, so we hope you enjoy this. 

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