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Episode Three (re-upped)

November 23rd, 2015


Mondy feels he has a gap in his knowledge about iconic comic creators Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. To fill this void, he's decided to ask his co-poo shooters about these two giants of the comics business. Alongside the usual superheroics, we'll discover why Moore was kicked out of high school, reveal the best panel of Superman ever printed, and applaud Morrison for his fashion sense. Well, maybe not the leather pants.



So set up your snake totem, draw your sigil, loosen your pants, lay back and listen to the third episode of the podcast we like to call Shooting the Poo.

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Episode six - Dr Who and Game of thrones (re-uploaded)

November 15th, 2015


This month the den of iniquity and vice that is Shooting the Poo is given a smidgen of respectability with the guest starring of Ben McKenzie, he of the long side burns and the comedy antics.  Of course, before Ben has a chance to raise the conversational bar beyond the gutter, Mondy starts on about vibrators (again) and the fact - as Dave reports - that they're actually making a movie about the invention for the cure of hsyteria.

Ben, though, comes into his own when the dude-casters start talking about Game of Thrones.  He provides much insight on the TV show and the books that the average Games of Thrones fan would probably already know but which his fellow podcasters have no clue about.  Unfortunately, during the cut and thrust and parry of the conversation, everyone forgets to mention how friggin' awesome Peter Dinklage is in his role as Tyrion Lannister.  We apologise Mr Dinklage.

The discussion about Doctor Who takes on a subversive tone in its exploration of diahorrea as a means to rate Doctor Who episodes.  It's not that we dislike Doctor Who (though Season 6(a) didn't really tickle our canker sores), it's more that diahorrea and poo provides critics like ourselves a means of really encapsulating how we feel about an episode.  We expect that it will catch on.  And that Peter Dinklage, who is awesome as Tyrion Lannister, would approve.  (Not that he's into diahorrea or anything... I mean... we don't think so, just that he'd approve of how we carefuly apply our new critical measure).

After this we end up with an impersonation from Ben. Some people may not guess exactly who he's impersonating, but then it's that kind of episode (Dave's effort at doing Stan Lee is worse, and Mondy's new effort at a spoiler noise has to be heard to be believed).

Other than that, Ben is seriously magnificent as a guest - possibly better than having on the show Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, who is also awesome and who would approve of diahorrea.  As a critical measure.

What I'm trying to say is thank fuck Ben was there because he's the quality that STP lacks and he will be back.  If we pay him enough.  And if his name isn't tarnished for appearing on the show.

Oh, and you should probably BEWARE! there definitely be spoilers ahead.


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Episode 32: Films that influenced us

November 3rd, 2015


Some films just never hit the sides. You know the kind we're talking about - films so generic you can't even remember watching them. Then, to be honest there's the majority of films. The vast swathe of OK - you remember the odd scene here and there, but otherwise they're mostly memorable in that you've crossed them off your list.

Then there's the good films, and the great films. Even the terrible ones. We can all argue about what film should go where, although we can all agree that Wog Boys 2: Kings of Mykonos is definitely among the great. 
And then there's the rarest films of all, the kind that some people may never experience at all...
...the films that actually change your life in some way. 


Dave, Mitch and Mondy all hail from the generation that's shallow enough to think that movies can change your life in the way that previous generations were shaped by great novels, poetry and opera. What's more, when they were thinking about the movies that shaped their lives, they knew there was only candidate that could possibly have the intellectual heft, the artistry and the critical approbation to ward off the sneerers that would judge their choices. 

Citizen Kane... not that film. 
Yeah, it's bloody Star Wars. Of course it is. Do you know how *old* they are?


Actually, Mondy kicks against the Star Wars trend, and instead nominates The Black Hole. Clearly going for a hipster vibe there, but he's fooling no one. Just listen to him talk about his Star Wars action figures and note his conspicuous lack of chat about his VINCENT and OLD BOB toys. He also has an audible orgasm while talking about a woman disintegrating in Brazil. 


Elsewhere, Dave turns into a raging proletarian revolutionary when he hears how many Star Wars action figures Mondy actually had - seriously, he had bugger all when he was a kid - and later collapses into utter despair while talking about An Inconvenient Truth. He'd probably been reading something depressing at the time, sorry. 

Thankfully, Mitch retrieves things nicely by talking about how David Lynch ruined cinema for him (specifically The Dark Knight Rises) and how he almost shouted at a kid in youth group because he liked Independence Day. It's the latter that really cheered Dave up. Although he wouldn't have held back with the youth group kid. 


Usual caveats apply. Very coarse language is used, there are SPOILERS for The Last Temptation of Christ (of all things), and Mondy claims that he was influenced by a film he hasn't even seen. So, er, this podcast also contains non-sequiturs. Listener discretion is advised. 

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Episode Sixteen - The Alien Films Part 2 (Re-Uploaded)

October 9th, 2015


The bitches are back.

We continue our discussion of the Alien saga with possibly the most fiery exchange between Dave and Mondy to date. Regrettably you can't see the thrown punches, the tears and the leotards, but through the power of their voices they create a cinema of the mind that is truly something to behold.

No, behold can't be the right word. Behear? Belisten to?



The bone of contention is Alien 3. One of the most famously contentious films of all time, Alien 3 went through many creative hands before finally being produced by a young David Fincher, and it's during the discussion of its development process that tempers fray and hair is pulled. In particular, Vincent Ward's weird and wonderful vision for the film is put under the microscope, with topics like wooden planets and religious androids being questioned as to whether they're really blockbuster movie material. Some of Ward's concept designs can be seen below, with more available at his website Check them out--they're staggeringly good.


Once Mitch has Band-Aided the scraped knees and iced the fat lips, talk turns to Alien: Resurrection. Dave does his best to insult the franchise's core fanbase, Mitch theorises that Ripley's character is based on a wrestler called The Undertaker, and Mondy tries to pretend that he doesn't like the film very much. Until he finally caves in and admits that he's wrong.

There may have been another fat lip involved.


Finally, we talk about Prometheus. Another fight ensues, mostly because there are duelling theories as to why the film doesn't work, and ultimately it's left up to Kirstyn to provide the tie-breaker.

Cameo appearances by Bane (for some reason), Cookie Monster (providing another factual tie-breaker) and the usual amount of sweariness and spoilers (ie: a lot). You have been warned.


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Episode Fifteen - The Alien Films Part 1 (Re-Uploaded)

October 9th, 2015


In space no one can hear you scream. Unless, of course, you happen to be... the Hysterical Hamster. Some squeals are audible even in hard vacuum.

This month Mitch, Dave and Mondy are tackling the Alien saga, and because they found themselves more than usually loquacious, they've decided to split their shrieking bunfight conversation into two parts. The first half covers Ridley Scott's original Alien and James Cameron's sequel. The second will cover Alien 3, Resurrection and Prometheus. For some reason, the Alien vs Predator films are not discussed. This is a form of thinly-veiled racism.


In our recent lay-off the podcast has undergone what Mondy terms "a re-tooling". Whether this resulted in a higher level of quality is difficult to say, but we urge listeners to write in and tell us which new tools are their favourite.


Notable incidents this month: Mondy managing to get the Punishment Spray before we'd even started the podcast, Mitch confessing to a deep-seated fear of jazz-hands, and Dave speculating on who would win in a fight between Cookie Monster and the Alien Queen. He's got a degree in Cinema Studies, you know.


Usual warnings apply: extremely coarse language is used, particularly when describing James Cameron's interpersonal skills, and we spoiler the hell out of every single one of these movies. If you don't want to know who dies and how, toddle off and watch the films first. We think you'll enjoy them.

Perhaps avoid Alien Vs Predator though. Just sayin'.


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Episode 31 - Robin Williams

February 2nd, 2015


We don't normally do this kind of thing, listener. 

Oh, we've been tempted before. It's always tempting when someone you admire departs this vale of tears, but this time it was irresistible. Welcome to our tribute to Robin Williams. 

All three of us grew up watching him, first on Mork and Mindy, and then at the movies. We watched him grow from motor-mouthed, coke-fuelled comedian to a man who grew a beard and Got Serious. Astonishingly, he was very good at both. The really tricky part was picking some representative work and keeping the podcast under two hours. We managed. 



Although we mention a lot of Robin's work, the main films under consideration here are Dead Poet's Society, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo and World's Greatest Dad. Along the way, Mitch has a road to Damascus moment about GWH as he finally realises that it's good, Mondy's gets audibly sexier as it falls apart towards the end, and Dave confesses that he started a club at university inspired by The Fisher King in which nudity was mandatory. 


As is usual, lots of swearing going on--we feel it's what Robin would have wanted. We also spoil the bejesus out of the films, so if you haven't watched them, we do talk about the endings, the middles and in some cases even the beginnings. That's the kind of lawless podcast that we've become over the years, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, dad. 


Adult concepts actually are discussed this time around--no really--including depression, suicide and things of that nature, and if you're suffering from anything like that, we do strongly urge you to talk to someone professional about it. It may not seem easy, but it's the smart thing to do. 

And to Robin we say a heartfelt goodbye and thank you for the work. You are missed. 

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Episode 30 (or should that be XXX?) - Erotic fiction

November 19th, 2014



Now that we've got your attention, not to mention made ourselves hopeless targets for spambots, let us introduce you to the sexiest edition of the podcast yet recorded. Yes, even sexier than the one on Brian Michael Bendis comics. In future this will be known as The One Where They Talked About Dirty Books. Or "erotic fiction" if you're in a poncey mood.


Two books are up for discussion. One is Anais Nin's collection of erotic short stories, Delta of Venus. Written for a mysterious collector who kept upbraiding her for including "too much poetry" in her stories, it's a fascinating read, if not simply for Nin's fiery letter to the collector that's included in the introduction. Finally sick of his restrictions on her artistic freedom (and implicitly her sexual freedom as well), Nin lashes him in one of the most passionate calls to literary arms it's been our pleasure to read.

Her stories are pretty hot stuff too.


The second book under discussion is The Fermata by Nicholson Baker. A delirious erotic fantasy in which the protagonist can stop time, The Fermata divides the members of the podcast straight down the middle. Is it a boring, repetitive, morally vacuous piece of fan-fiction, or is it a funny, mischivevous, inventive work of art? Or something else entirely?


For those who were wondering, yes, this is possibly the filthiest podcast we've released, although for some reason Mondy seems to think it's kid-friendly. We suggest you tweet at him to ask why. He also goes through an extraordinary array of euphemisms in this episode, chief among them being "pippi". This leads Dave to wonder what exactly Mondy thought of Pippi Longstocking when he was little boy.

Mitch, as is often the case when we do a podcast on books, has resorted to listening to them on audio. Nothing wrong with this, but sadly for The Fermata, he could only find a version that was text-to-speech and he then elected to listen to it at one-and-a-half times normal speed. Strangely, he found the book a bit underwhelming, but luckily for our listeners, he does play a little bit so you can all understand why. We think you'll enjoy that. Especially the pronunciation of the word "ass".

Dave fulfills the ambition of a lifetime by reading aloud a section of a book that contains the words "trembling titfat", and is staggered when our special guest Felicity Dowker (also known as Felicity Gray) beats him to the first c-bomb. Said guest also declares her gratitude to Nicholson Baker for his willingness to invent new words for "cock", so you can tell that she's really raised the tone of the podcast quite a bit.


As you may have gathered, this podcast contains very coarse language, adult themes, sniggering about sex and Mondy repeatedly using the word "spoodge". There are also spoilers for the books under discussion, and Mitch manages to get some in about the comic Sex Criminals and the movie Cashback as well. So you've been warned.

No, we've never heard about Cashback either. It's got naked ladies in it, apparently.

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Episode 19 - Twin peaks/Fire walk with me (re-uploaded)

October 11th, 2014


Dear Diary,

BOB came in the window again last night (must remember to contact the glazier), but enough about him... I've discovered a fantastic new show called Twin Peaks! It's about the murder of an all-American girl just like me, and it only ran for two seasons, but I think it's one of the best programs ever made!


The good thing, diary, is that lots of people agree with me. Well, I'm thinking of four in particular. I've been visited by these strange voices, and they say their names are MITCH, MONDY, DAVE and SPECIAL GUEST JOHN RICHARDS. Boy can they talk! MONDY never seems to shut up about creamed corn! JOHN comes up with a spinoff for Twin Peaks called A Touch of Horne! MITCH confesses to torturing his wife with music! And DAVE is apparently petrified of denim!


There's a lot of squabbling between these spirits, diary, and at times it gets a bit violent. At one point, when they're discussing a film called Fire Walk With Me it got very contentious indeed. I think MITCH might have killed somebody, but it's hard to remember. I think I was naked when he did it too. And talking backwards.


The last thing the spirits told me was that this podcast won't be for everyone. They said that because it's so artistically daring (sweary/adult-themey) some people would be put off, and that they give away pretty much every secret there is to know about Twin Peaks. SPECIAL GUEST JOHN RICHARDS kissed me and sashayed off into the night. And then they were gone like a turnkey in the corn.

Gobble gobble gobble.




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September 1st, 2014


There's one name that defines modern cinema like no other: Steven Spielberg. For Generation X, he's the man that wove their dreams on the silver screen, creating a film grammar that still holds sway today, and after more than forty years in the business, is still going strong.


But Spielberg didn't always bestride Hollywood like a colossus. Where did he get his start? What was his very first film? Did he even *start* in film? All of these questions will be answered (mostly because Mondy didn't do his research) in this examination of Steven Spielberg: The Early Years.


Mitch and Dave tracked down a decent chunk of Spielberg's early TV work--Night Gallery, The Name of the Game, Something Evil--and watched it for signs of budding genius. Sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn't, but by the time they got to Duel (and Mondy joined them), it was clear that Spielberg had arrived.


From there, discussion moves to Spielberg's cinematic career. Mitch is given a piece of rusk. Dave talks about how Jaws ruined cinema. And Mondy demands to know whether it really is possible to put a cylinder of compressed air in a shark's mouth, shoot it and make the shark explode.

He's very disappointed in the answer.

Not to give *too* much away...


As usual in a podcast of this intellectual heft, spoilers are legion. Dave essentially retells the plot of "Eyes", Spielberg's debut episode of Night Gallery, including the twist. We're not quite as bad on the movies, but we do talk about the endings of Sugarland Express, Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They're pretty old news by now, but as the films are well worth seeing, we urge you to check them out before we wreck them for you. Duel mostly emerges unscathed, but it's still a good 'un. Check that out too.


Our other warnings also apply. Lots of swearing. Adult concepts (well, this is basically code for more creative swearing, but still). Grown men squabbling.


Oh, and Mondy reveals that he's never seen the cinematic masterpiece Mac and Me. Mitch and Dave would like it if everyone hassled him until he rectifies this terrible oversight. It's bad enough that he hasn't seen E.T., but Mac and Me is ten times as worse in our opinion.


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Episode 2 - TV Shows we like (re-uploaded)

August 25th, 2014

This is a re-upload of an older episode. Keep your eye on this site as we will eventually make all our older episodes available for your listening pleasure.


And they said we wouldn't make it but here we are, Episode 2 of the Shooting the poo podcast, or in Friends speak, the one where talk about TV shows.

This episode Mondy, Dave and Mitch discuss some of our favourite shows from the box including  discussions about Oz, the Sopranos, Nurse jackie and the BBC's drama Bodies.


This episode may contain more than the recommended amount of Emmanuel Lewis.

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