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Epsidode 6 - Dr Who and Game of Thrones (re-upped)



This month the den of iniquity and vice that is Shooting the Poo is given a smidgen of respectability with the guest starring of Ben McKenzie, he of the long side burns and the comedy antics.  Of course, before Ben has a chance to raise the conversational bar beyond the gutter, Mondy starts on about vibrators (again) and the fact - as Dave reports - that they're actually making a movie about the invention for the cure of hsyteria.

Ben, though, comes into his own when the dude-casters start talking about Game of Thrones.  He provides much insight on the TV show and the books that the average Games of Thrones fan would probably already know but which his fellow podcasters have no clue about.  Unfortunately, during the cut and thrust and parry of the conversation, everyone forgets to mention how friggin' awesome Peter Dinklage is in his role as Tyrion Lannister.  We apologise Mr Dinklage.

The discussion about Doctor Who takes on a subversive tone in its exploration of diahorrea as a means to rate Doctor Who episodes.  It's not that we dislike Doctor Who (though Season 6(a) didn't really tickle our canker sores), it's more that diahorrea and poo provides critics like ourselves a means of really encapsulating how we feel about an episode.  We expect that it will catch on.  And that Peter Dinklage, who is awesome as Tyrion Lannister, would approve.  (Not that he's into diahorrea or anything... I mean... we don't think so, just that he'd approve of how we carefuly apply our new critical measure).

After this we end up with an impersonation from Ben. Some people may not guess exactly who he's impersonating, but then it's that kind of episode (Dave's effort at doing Stan Lee is worse, and Mondy's new effort at a spoiler noise has to be heard to be believed).

Other than that, Ben is seriously magnificent as a guest - possibly better than having on the show Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, who is also awesome and who would approve of diahorrea.  As a critical measure.

What I'm trying to say is thank fuck Ben was there because he's the quality that STP lacks and he will be back.  If we pay him enough.  And if his name isn't tarnished for appearing on the show.

Oh, and you should probably BEWARE! there definitely be spoilers ahead.


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