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Episode 9 - Errol Morris (re-upped)




This month the Poo-nauts return to reality. As Mondy put it before we began recording, "We're doing Errol Morris docos this month and Flannery O'Connor short stories next month--we're classing the place up a bit."

He then opens the podcast with a description of his snot.

Once that's dealt with, this month sees an enthusiastic discussion of the career of Errol Morris. Known for documentaries such as The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War and Standard Operating Procedure, Morris has carved out a unique style of interviewing his subjects and presentation of factual material. Using the films as a jumping off point, the boys discuss the way audiences perceive reality, intellectual vanity and the importance of freedom of speech. 

Mondy also hints that he may be David Irving's son and Dave finally reveals that he's black.



For those of you that are following the podcast month by month, Mitch and Dave couldn't resist going to see Anonymous (the film that alleges Shakespeare was a fraud) after Mondy's incandescent reaction to it's very existence on the previous 'cast. They thought it was quite good, albeit cobblers. What's interesting is they do not bring it up in conversation as they know that would upset Mondy. But somebody else does. Can you guess who that might be?

This episode of Shooting the Poo is not for the kids. There are C-bombs, F-canisters and S-bullets galore. There is a discussion of adult themes, not least people being eaten by bears. We also talk about stuff that happens in Thin Blue Line, Mr Death, Standard Operating Procedure and First Person that you would probably be better off experiencing as orchestrated by Errol Morris. Spoilers, in other words.

There is a bit of a discussion about a certain plane crash at one point, here is a link to that very incident.

Oh, and Werner Herzog joins us for a bit. For some reason we felt we should warn you about that too. Note the way Mondy cannot even say "hello" after listening to him--something about his voice seems... dangerous.



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