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Episode 5 (Re-upped)



In their continuing quest to cover all possible forms of media, this month sees the Poo-casters stride confidently into the world of classic literature. Well, two of them stride confidently. One of them--we won't say who--cheats a little bit. Oh alright, it's Mitch. First up is Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Mondy is almost certain that discussing a book such as this is a first for a dudecast (Mitch and Dave don't know what a dudecast is--if you have any idea, please let us know via the usual address), so we're all, um, very proud of that. There's also an extremely informative tangent on ye olde medickal treatment for hysteria, and honestly, where else are you going to hear that? The second half features a discussion on Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Dave gets slightly unhinged when talking about the iPad, Mitch is hugely impressed that the book features a man who can kill and eat a dolphin with one hand, and this gives Mondy terrible flashbacks to the previous podcast's discussion of The Cove.


WARNING: For some reason, possibly because of the raunchy influence of that well-known minx Jane Austen, this episode features slightly more coarse language than usual. See if you can tell where Kirstyn finally loses it and squirts Mondy with the Punishment Water. WARNING THE SECOND: This is a pretty wide-ranging discussion, and in the process we talk about a lot of the plot twists in both books, including their endings. Consider this is your friendly neighborhood spoiler alert. Please go and tell Apple via iTunes that you love the show or provide usfeedback here at We would love to hear what youhave to say.

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