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Episode 36 - Superman


Episode 36 - Superman



Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a podcast about Superman!




Yes, after an extremely long break, the boys are back and recording again inside Mitch's Fortress of Solitude. Surrounded by all manner of Superman ephemera, it's almost like being inside a Kryptonian uterus. Mondy eventually stumbles onto the topic completely by accident: a lot of people argue about who Superman really is, so we set out to explore the character's history and what really constitutes his secret identity. 

The set texts we've chosen for this exploration - mostly mentioned here in case you want to avoid any SPOILERS - are...

Superman II

Man of Steel  

Batman Vs Superman

Plus the comics Birthright...

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Peace on Earth

American Alien.

Dave also spoils the hell out of the ending to Alan Moore's Miracleman, although he does give fair warning there. 




The presence of special nerd-guest Nick Caddaye ensures that the conversation mostly remains of an unusually hight standard. He points out how people hate it when changes are made to Superman, partly because of the character's links to America itself. Thus alterations to Superman can almost feel like a patriotic attack. Mitch reveals how he had to literally brainwash himself into enjoying Man of Steel, with the MOSAIC podcast - a project so detailed it devotes two entire episodes to just the tornado scene in Man of Steel - ultimately convincing him it contains multitudes. Mondy listens to all these clever remarks and then immediately derails the conversation with a non sequitur whinge about "crap CGI" at the end of Batman Vs Superman.

He is nothing if not single-minded about having his say. 




Dave continues to deliver his usual pretentious arse-cake and ensures that this episode will have a VERY COARSE LANGUAGE warning just like all the others. Partly because he describes Barbra Streisand as "fucking scary", but... well, he does say worse things than that. He's a terrible man, he really is. 

Anyway, Nick certainly makes the episode well worth listening to, even if Superman's not your favourite man in tights. He classes the place up yet again, like all our guests. 

Maybe we should have guests more often?




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