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Episode 35 - Kathrine Bigelow


Episode 35 - Kathrine Bigelow


This episode features the perkiest introduction ever. Possibly because it's Mitch rockin' the mike, but things snap back to reality very quickly as Mondy compares himself to Jesus. Just another day at a recording of Shooting the Poo...


This episode sees the boys discussing the career of Kathryn Bigelow, along with frequent tangents onto whatever subjects take their fancy. The films that are MASSIVELY SPOILED (seriously, watch them if you're remotely interested in any of their plot twists) are The Loveless, Blue Steel, Strange Days and The Hurt Locker. Dave cruelly denied Mitch the chance to rewatch Near Dark and Point Break, although inevitably these get a mention as well. You just can't keep Keanu Reeves' finest performance down. 

The conversation quickly devolves into Mondy's most racist and sexist ever, which is quite some achievement. He also describes a bar shooting as "*very* moderate" and contends that Citizen Kane's major cinematic innovation was "lowering the ground". Dave has a theory - have you noticed he always has one of those? - about how to make Hollywood pay attention to angry audience members, and seems oddly preoccupied with Mimi Leder for some reason. Meanwhile Mitch reaches peak happiness when Mondy uses the words "police academy" in passing and then begins humming the theme tune to the eponymous movie. Mondy immediately joins in. For a moment there it was like being in a recording studio with Pavlov's dogs. 

As usual, there is a lot of swearing, puerile themes and did I mention the MASSIVE SPOILERS? You have been warned. 

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