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Episode 34: 10 years of NuWho (Part 2)



And quicker than even we anticipated, here we are with part 2 of our NuWho tenth anniversary celebration!


After last episode's orgy of man-tears and Mitch-grump, this one rings the changes slightly in that there's still a fair bit of weeping (the pictures on the website may give away the reason why), but this time Dave's the one wearing the snarky-pants. For his first trick he takes issue with Steven Moffat's definition of sluts and tarts. Much discussion of invisible chickens ensues.  


For his second trick he mounts the longest demolition of a story featuring a robot with tiny people in its head that you've ever heard. What's more he has the temerity to object to its lack of realism. Mitch, on the other hand, merely confines himself to doing an uncanny impression of River Song. He claims to hate River, but would quite like to do unspeakable things to Clara. In public and surrounded by onlookers. 

Yes, we really got that specific when we asked him. That's the kind of podcast you're dealing with here.  


Mondy, for his part, just about outdoes himself in some of the sentences that fall out of his mouth. Examples include "I thought the bit where Amy was inspiring that famous Van Gogh painting Daffodils... Daisies... Eh? Sunflowers? Whatever..." and "I like all the Nazi bits."  


Oh, and one of us also confesses to being scared by Doctor Who as a child. While watching a story called The Green Death he found himself crippled by a morbid fear of the Welsh. The giant fluorescent green maggots were also a concern, but when they turned into giant flies he found them considerably less frightening. 

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