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Episode 33: 10 years of NuWho (Part 1)


It's been ten years, listeners. 


Sorry, we should clarify that. Not ten years since we started this podcasting lark, but a full decade since Doctor Who returned to TV. And because all three of our podcasters have actually *watched* NuWho (as opposed to classic Who), we thought this an anniversary worth celebrating. 


Fair warning: Mondy and Dave are dyed in the wool Doctor Who fans, whereas Mitch is what anthropologists refer to as "a normal person". Therefore significant portions of the podcast are spent with Dave and Mondy treating Mitch like a primitive South Pacific Islander and asking him what he thinks of "fire". This means that - for some reason - we talk a lot about The Ark in Space. Which doesn't have a lot to do with NuWho or fire, but Margaret Mead would have understood perfectly. 


When we finally *do* get around to talking about episodes of the modern series, Mondy attempts to justify working actors to death in the name of art. He also confesses that his favourite line of NuWho-related dialogue is "Have you ever come so hard you don't know where you are?" (If you listen carefully, Mitch actually pauses for a moment to think about whether he has or not.)



Dave is even more pompous and insulting than usual. Luckily he doesn't realise how silly he sounds in the first five minutes of the show when he attempts to demonstrate the sound Moaning Minnies make. The result ultimately emerges as something like a mouse being fed through a laser printer. His impressions of the Welsh are also likely to start a war. 

Mitch, as usual, is subject to egregious levels of sexual harassment. However this time it's Mondy doing the harassing so the novelty appears to charm him. He also provides a bracing counterpoint to Dave and Mondy's blather about NuWho and demands to know the "rules" of the program, none of which they can answer properly. The results are some of the best critiques of the program you will ever hear. Dave can clearly be heard dying in the background during one of Mitch's more scathing takedowns, especially when Mondy lamely attempts to mount a defence.


Usual warnings apply. Very coarse language. Attempts at intellectualism that fall ridiculously short. Jokes that misfire. Statements that haven't been fully thought through. That sort of thing. On the other hand, it's nice to be back after a fairly significant break, so we hope you enjoy this. 

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