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Episode 26 - Batman on Film


There's something evil abroad in Gotham tonight. Four nefarious criminals have arrived with mayhem on their minds. There's only one person who can possibly stop them, and unfortunately Kirstyn has washed her hands of any responsibility...

Yes, this episode sees the boys fire up the Bat-signal, cackle uproariously, and engage in the kind of verbal fisticuffs that emits THWOKs! and POWs! and SPLAAATs! We're talking about all the Batman films (including the besty Westy one), and we're intent on stirring up as much mischief as we can possibly muster.

Our guest on this podcast is self-confessed "knower of a lot of stuff about stuff (especially Batman stuff)" Nick Caddaye, and he proceeds to blow Mondy's mind with all kinds of historical facts about the Caped Crusader. For instance, did you know that the Batmobile was originally red? That Batman used to quite casually kill people? That the Joel Schumacher films are astoundingly poor? Well, allow Nick to punch the scales from your eyes.

Naturally, the conversation throws up its usual quota of astonishing claims and badly formed opinions. Mondy reveals a complete ignorance of how screenplays are actually written (he thinks the "Story By" credit involves a five minute chat over the phone, something the Writer's Guild does not recognise as substantive work).

Meanwhile Dave frets about things more than usual. For starters, he's very worried about the long term psychological effects of Batman being turned into a zebra (such things used to happen to him quite a lot in ye olde comics). He also confesses that it wasn't until he was an adult that he realised Cesar Romero had refused to shave off his moustache when playing the Joker. HE FEELS SO STUPID.

Mitch, as is usual when we talk about comics-related topics, is extremely animated. He mounts a long, passionate defence of why the 1966 Batman movie is the best, not least because it features one of the greatest comedy scenes in cinema history. Chaplin? Pah. Keaton. Feh. Adam West with a bomb? Awesome.

And finally Nick, after much prodding from Dave, confesses that he once touched the Batman he considers to be the best in the role. He quickly qualifies this confession by stating that the touch did not occur "on purpose". Who could this actor be, and more importantly, how could that George Clooney be such a cad? You'll have to listen to find out.

Standard warnings apply. Extremely coarse language is used, the discussion occasionally verges on the "surprisingly intelligent", and we spoiler the hell out of all the Batman movies (and V for Vendetta for good measure).

And yes, Mitch really did go bananas with the Batman images this time around, didn't he? That Rip Van Batman may possibly be the best thing ever though...

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